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I would like to invite you, to my official pages! : )

  • Listening to: Die Antwoord
  • Watching: THE WALKING DEAD!!!
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  • Eating: vegan pizza
  • Drinking: Tea! A LOT OF IT
this is the story of why Im here, on DA.
I know i submit a big variety of work, and it can be confusing. What is she doing? Is she a photographer, a model, a painter or a tattoo artist? Deside, girl.
The truth is that I love to do all these things and do not intend to create separate accounts for each of my hobbies. Feel free to read the story below :)
My name is Dorothy, but friends call me Ashi.
My favorite hobby is drawing. I draw since I am a child, since I practically learned how to hold a pencil in my hand. This is something that gives me greatest pleasure. In the beginning I only drew in pencil, just when I had already a computer and tablet, I began the adventure of digital painting. I always drew mostly girls, and guess what - I still do : p.
A few years ago I wondered what I want to do in life. In addition to drawing, i love taking pictures, I really take a lot of them, so I decided to study photography. Also, for some time I had in mind the idea of becoming a tattoo artist, but I did not know whether anything will come of it. But when I bought the first tattoo machine, and after a small-time practice, I did the first tattoo on human. Everyone was amazed at how well I'm doing. So I started to spend more time on tattooing. Soon after, I was 'employed' in a tattoo studio as a student. They gave me a chance, to saw how it looks like, the work in the studio. Now, six months later, I'm not there because I already learned everything I could from them. Now everything is in my hands. I have to practice, and practice again. The rest will come with time.
  • Listening to: Simple Plan
  • Reading: "Queen of The Damned" by Anne Rice
  • Watching: "How i Met your Mother" <3
  • Playing: WoW
  • Eating: hot dogs :)
  • Drinking: Tea!